Fausto-Podavini_Call-for-entriesGood news for amateur and professional photographers all over the world. The prestigious Sony World Photography Awards has recently opened its doors to compete for the most remarkable still shot photo in different categories.

This award was started last 2008 and since then is considered to be one of the leading international photography awards today. It aims to support and cultivate the photographic culture. Whether you are a budding new artist, or an established photographer, your works of art will speak for yourself.

There are several categories to choose from – the Professional and Open competition are for serious and photography enthusiasts. The Youth awards are for teens who are nineteen of age and under, and the last category is the Student Focus, which is for those who are still in understudy of photography.

Basically, anyone can enter this competition. As a rule, you can only enter three of your best works on a single category. This means that once you chose to enter the Professional Competition, for example, you cannot submit any of your other works to Open or Youth category. The Sony World Photography Awards does not collect fees upon entering your works. The number of images to be submitted still depends upon the category you choose.  All images should be in JPEG or TIFF files and it should not be smaller than 800kb and not be bigger than 5MP.  Even images captured from a camera phone can serve as your entry into this competition, just as long as you keep to the designated size of the file. These files must be saved in RGB colour model. All entries must be taken from the 1st of January 2013 up to the 31st of December 2013.  Of course, none of the entrees must be published before. There are several conditions, for Professional Competition, if ever your works were commissioned or had been published before. Check out also other requirements when submitting your entries if you are allowed to enhance your photo with photography apps.

The contests’ awarding night will be held in London this coming April 14, 2014. The winners and finalists’ work will be displayed and curated in London’s famous Somerset House.  This competition will also help you, as an artist, to reach more exposure thru the activities of the World Photography Organization.

So, if you think you have the perfect shot, then send your entries now at www.worldphoto.org and see what the world makes of it.