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Monday, September 28, 2020

Travel More with my Daughter - The beach is my happy place

I would like to travel as often as I could.  I learn to appreciate traveling when I worked abroad in Saudi Arabia in 2007 to 2014.  It was the time when I had the chance to experience other culture as well.  I also like to collect some travel souvenirs.   Hopefully, I would be able to retain all of these memories traveling.

For a start, I like to visit various tourist attractions in my country, the Philippines mostly the beach.  Then, if I have enough savings, I will try to go to different cities in Southeast Asia where at least there are no visa requirements.  Aside from that, I want to see Tokyo, Seoul, and other major cities in Asia.  I will then proceed my plan traveling to Europe and America, thereafter.

With all these plans I have in mind, I would like to do my traveling with my daughter.  I would like her to experience traveling at a very young age.  She is 14 years old now.  I already brought her to Boracay, Singapore, and Puerto Princesa.  This is my promise to her on a yearly basis to celebrate her birthday by traveling.

I start to enjoy traveling when I saw Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.  I was amazed seeing various Muslim architecture like the mosques that you can find every district or community.  I often took pictures of them using any camera I had.  Jeddah is an old city.  There is a district called Al Balad where you can see old historic houses.  It is interesting to see different landscapes like the red sand dunes in the desert.  There is also a place called “The Edge of the World” which is a few kilometers away from the capital city, Riyadh.  It is a place where you can see rock formations where it seems the pace was submerged or part of an ocean long time before.  Seeing these cities makes me eager to travel more, and this time, I want to do these all with my daughter.

I do not know how to describe the feeling of planning my travels.  All I know is the excitement of traveling that brings to me from the time of doing the airline and hotel booking, making the tour itinerary, and getting to various places/cities the first time.  I enjoy a lot seeing tourists spots and places where I only see them before on TV and on Internet.

At this time, I am planning to bring my daughter to Bali in Indonesia on her next birthday.  I will also try to include touring Bohol because my daughter specifically likes seeing white sand beaches. 

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