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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Working from Home and Starting a Family

If you're currently helping a member of the family in doing their work from home, you can participate and consequently start earning some good cash.  Using your free time, you can help your own family - I mean you're own spouse and children.

I will feature Kath as an example.  This was her story sent to me a couple of years ago.  She was encouraged by her uncle to study medical transcription and she graduated from that course. She eventually had gone doing home-based because she and her husband were planning to start a family at that time.

When  asked if given a chance working home based or office based, she explained that in her present situation, she would like to work home-based. It’s convenient for her since they’re planning to start a family. Though she knew the compensation was not big enough, but it’s better staying at home doing medical transcription than nothing.

The type of audio transcription she preferred to do is general and legal transcriptions. Medical transcription is difficult for her because one really needs to be very careful. A lot of medical terms that needs to be studied and understand.

One trait or quality of a person who is into audio transcription:

She believes that having the right attitude towards work is the best quality to become effective or productive transcriptionist.  The advice she can give to aspiring audio transcriptionist is to be patient and persevere in whatever you do.  Give everything you have for a good quality audio transcription.



  1. I admire people who can juggle their personal life and career. Nice article.

    1. It can be a struggle but for some family should come first.

  2. Homebased transcription offers the opportunity for stay-at-home moms to no longer be just plain housewives. It is hitting two birds with one stone, being a hands-on parent and having a fulfilling career that actually pays the bills.