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Friday, October 16, 2020

How did a Freshman in College learn about the Audio Transcription Career

Nicole was a freshman in college when she first learned about transcribing. The University of the Philippines hones the best students in the country. However, some of the people who go here are not as financially stable as some are and so part-time jobs are everywhere. A batch mate asked her if she wanted to earn money by transcribing meetings of a political group in the Philippines. At first, my friend just gave me one CD full of recorded meetings. When she got the hang out of it and she was transcribing the recordings faster, she gave her two more CD's. What she needs to do to get the job done was easy and so earning money out of it was a great thing.

On her last year as an undergraduate student, Nicole needed to earn extra money because she was saving up on a lot of things that she needed to graduate. She had sent her application as a private tutor but she estimated the money she would be earning would not be enough. She needed another part-time job. Then she remembered that she did some transcribing when she was still a freshman.

She had a hard time looking for a audio transcription job in the university so she decided to look for it online. Then she browsed one of of this blog's posts regarding transcription jobs. Aside from just being a job offer, the article made her realize that there were a lot of things to know in the audio transcription field like using a software that makes the transcribing easier using the foot pedals.

The contributor of this article was freshman in college who once applied to ad DOTCOM's job offer at the height of online jobs. She is a graduate by this time at the University of Philippines.

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