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Saturday, October 10, 2020

What is Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription is a form of data entry that involves listening to a recorded audio and/or a video file and then converting it into written form. It is usually done with a software specifically designed for this purpose. The person doing this kind of work is called an audio transcriptionist.

There are several types of transcription. Among them are medical transcription, legal transcription, corporate or business transcription, and general transcription. The first two requires specialized training and familiarization with their respective technical terminologies, thus making them relatively harder to get into than general transcription. The latter, on the other hand, may include phone conversations, focus group discussions, meetings, seminars, interviews, investigations, television transcripts, and other recordings.

Tools and Materials

Some of the materials needed by an audio transcriptionists are a good set of earphones or headset and a transcription foot pedal. Additionally, either working office based or home based, an up-to-date desktop or laptop is an advantage. Your keyboard should be suitable to your needs as well as your mouse to prevent strain to your hands. our working table and chair should be appropriately positioned based on comfort.

Qualities of an Audio Transcriptionist

Given these descriptions of audio transcription, one may deduce that the work of a transcriptionist is indeed very important. It is something that must not be taken lightly, as the written output of his work will be used for reference of employees, researchers, businesses, and other end-users. An audio transcriptionist must therefore possess a high level of comprehension, good hearing acuity, and excellent English grammar, especially since there are times when the audio/video file may not be very clear. Ability to be proficient in using various internet-based resources is necessary. Knowledge in various computer applications is also an advantage.

Audio transcription is an emerging field of expertise that every types of professional have been attracted. A nurse can work as medical transcriptionists while a social science graduate can become a legal transcriptionists or podcast transcriptionist. Any career inclined with excellent English comprehension has the advantage to work as academic or business transcriptionist.

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