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Sunday, November 1, 2020

3 Most Popular Blogs

A reader can find numerous blogs in the Internet. You just have to click a keyword on what particular topic you want, and its there right before your eyes. A blogger in some instances cannot even detect what blog sites they can tap aside from their own personal site. Popular blogs that have common titles and contents is still more readable and interesting because almost ordinary people want to read something which they can relate their own self and life with. A good feature of blog sites is that when it becomes interactive where readers can comment and discuss about the topic.

Popular blogs are those who receive a generous amount of visits each month from different online users all over the world. There is an estimated 150 million blogs that presently exist and there is that pressure on who can get it to the top and be recognized as the most popular.

The following are noted to the famous among its contemporaries:

Huffington Post. Placing itself on the top spot, this blog site focuses on news, politics, entertainment and business that one can think of. It contains a wide variety of newsworthy contents. In 2005 Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti founded and establish this site and later was acquired by AOL in 2011. To date, there are over 9,000 bloggers who acts as contributors for news, current events and other variety of topics.

Engadget. This blog site is also famous on its own and was actually acquired by AOL in 2005. The site was originally established by Peter Rojas which talks about everything but gadgets, computers, technologies and other similar topics.

Think Progress. A site that is politics related and is connected with the Center for American Progress action Fund, a non-profit group whose goal is to give information of political ideas and policies. There are also topics about economy, justice and security which are socially relevant. It ranks fifth on the most popular blogs because of the quality of topics it presents.

If you love writing then blog whatever that comes into your mind. Who knows, you can hit the target and be considered as one of the popular blog site in the Internet.

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