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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A former SPI employee's story working as a medical transcriptionist

This is a story of a former SPi employee working as a medical transcriptionist. I wasn't able to save his contact information so, this is posted anonymously.

SPi is one of the leading transcription company in the Philippines in 2006 to 2010 and it was one of the featured companies here in my blog.

At first, he really have no idea about transcription until eight months after he graduated.  He was working then as a gym receptionist.  One of the gym instructors was a physical therapy graduate and he noticed that he have quite good typing skills.  He told him that he might want to try medical transcription since he is a graduate of a medical allied course.

During that time, SPi was in need of medical transcriptionist.  He applied for the position and underwent series of tests and interviews.  He narrates that, "It was funny because during the final interview with the operations manager, instead of her asking me questions, it was me who asked bunch of questions about medical transcription."  In their conversation, he was able to grasp idea of how this career would be.  He was luckily considered for the position and underwent an extensive training for two months.

Everything about medical transcription was discussed to him; turnaround time, flexibility, use of different reference materials, client specifics, confidentiality agreement, et cetera.  He thought since he have knowledge of medical terms and good typing skills, maybe he could fit for this job.  It would just take familiarity with the accent (would the clients be American or ESLs), being resourceful, willingness to learn, and of course hard work.  He eventually worked with the radiology account (4 hours turnaround time) for two years, 18 months of which as an off-edit MT.

His last year with SPi was spent doing other different types of dictations including acute care, discharge summaries, orthopedic account, ER notes, and even medical conferences and some general transcription jobs.

His final remarks states that, "Even though I am no longer working as a medical transcriptionist, my current job is still related with transcription.  I still transcribe dictations; the only difference is that my current job is transcribing real-time dictations, from a person talking to me on the phone."

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