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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Fresh graduates need confidence for success

An eager and optimistic fresh graduate would expect nothing but the grandeur things in life upon working. Earning money while being in the career path that one dreams of is a luxury often taken for granted. Lucky as it may seem, there are still dark spots to work in your dream job most especially for a fresh graduate. Getting a job is one thing but surviving, staying and succeeding is a whole new other story. 

Most fresh graduates enter the working force expecting not but positive things; after all, there is no way but up right? Then what hits us is the reality of life. We start by trying really hard to impress our boss and workmates. We then start to work overtime just to keep up with the fast-paced ever changing business world. After which, we finally start to crack because of the constant pressure to, not only do well, but do better and better each day or task. Then what is left is a struggling demotivated fresh graduate just trying to survive day by day.

Confidence is definitely the key to success.  

To work in a world where dressing to impress is a part of your daily work life is a struggle most especially to those individuals who aren’t really aesthetically gifted, if one may say. Confidence is a trait most often degraded by many as we often associate it with arrogance. The beauty of confidence is that one tends to overlook physicality when personality shines through. One must also remember that our personality lasts whilst our physicality degenerates. Confidence is a trait that most fresh graduates tend to lose when they enter the working class because of the constant pressure being put on us by our bosses or older workmates. Remember that our bosses and workmates pressure us because they know one could do better.

So to all the fresh graduates out there trying to make it big in their chosen career paths, you got this! Never lose yourself in the fast-paced ever changing world that we live in.

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