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Monday, November 16, 2020

Home-based job can also help you just the way it’s doing to me

Being a mom is a full time task. Once I worked with one of the prestigious State universities in our place. It was quite rewarding because it was, yes, a more stable job, I supposed so. But being a working mother has its own perks. Having three little kids while working 50 kilometers away from home made me think a hundred times if I have to keep my job or quit to be a full time wife and mom. I was starting with my career and again yes, personally I would have kept it if I was not always worrying with what was happening with my children when I am not around. I had a “yaya” back then, but with my third child suffering from asthma and would not even taste her food when in an attack, I had to let go of my job.

It was not long so long ago that I came across a platform that offers various home-based jobs ranging from telemarketing, writing and more. Although foreign to that idea, I had somehow managed to get a job as a writer. And it really helped me a lot, positively. I have also discovered that there are even more rewarding home-based and online jobs available.

Now, I am working at home and managing my own time and pace, minus the dilemma of anxiety that always haunted me when I am away from home. I do not have to run every morning, deal with traffic and all the stress that comes with it. Imagine working the 8-5 routine; waking up as early as 5am preparing for work and going home as late as 8 pm, tired and useless. For others it can be perfect, but for me it doesn’t work. I was not happy with my life as well as my job anymore.

The onset of home-based jobs for me is a blessing. I am enjoying my life now and most of all my family. I feel I have the best of both worlds, and I am grateful to have found a rewarding career.

The contributor of this article is a home-based article writer, blogger and researcher who loves travelling and adventure. She is a graduate of Business Administration at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City in the Philippines.

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