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Monday, November 2, 2020

How to Achieve 500 Lines Daily on Medical Transcription

There are various ways to do in order to achieve 500 lines per day or even more on medical transcription. A lot of medical transcriptionists know how to achieve this and they are doing their own techniques.

Here are some common transcription tips on how to do 500 lines per day output.

Increase your hearing acuity. For you to have a good hearing acuity, stay focus and be attentive to the report that you are transcribing and understand every sentence that is being dictated. This would help you beat the 500 lines per day quota.

Type fast. Being a fast and touch typist also helps in producing more lines and you should know how to use the auto correct features of Wor
d Document. If you have the Smart Type Assistant, it is very helpful as a transcriptionist. In order for you to be a fast and touch typist, have more practice on your way to surpass the 500 lines per day.

Improve your comprehension skills and knowledge about medical terminology. You should also know how to use reference materials which are easily accessible. You do not have to learn all medical terminologies but being familiar with the root word, prefixes and suffixes of medical terms would be a big, big help. You should know how to use Stedman and Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference. Navigate other online references but be sure that they are reliable such as,, USA people search, Intelius people search, MediLexicon,, AMA doctor finder, etc. With this, it will be easy to attain 500 lines per day on transcription job.

Imbibe a good transcriptionist’s attitude. Discipline plays a major role. As for the case of being a medical transcriptionist, you must try to be not distracted while working. Try working without browsing your Facebook or Friendster.

Still, you should always remember that being a competent and successful medical transcriptionist is not only measured by producing 500 lines per day alone but rather attain also close to 100% accuracy, which is balancing both quality and quantity.


  1. Most freshers in the industry thinks that the faster they are, the better they will earn. In fact, it is the accuracy that matters most than speed; speed always comes after mastery.