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Sunday, November 22, 2020

My First Impression Living in Qatar

This article was originally written November 1, 2015:

I've been in Qatar for only three days and I'm thinking what makes me decide to live in Qatar for work. I remember a few months back waiting long time to get my job application get approved. During those times, I kept on asking myself if I really want to live in Qatar for the next three or more years.

Now that I'm here, there are considerably good reasons why living in Qatar attracts me.  Well undoubtedly the pay for expat workers here is better that their respective country.  Another of course with the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022, there is very impressive development in Qatar.

Qatar somehow is very peaceful.  The environment is a bit relaxed.  The neighbourhood is really quite.  You will only get to see people going to mosques during prayer times.  The traffic is very moderate to heavy on peak hours.  There is only a few build up on some major intersections.  Because the infrastructure is relatively new, roads are easy to navigate.  It seems that fun and too much leisure is not a priority here, but it seems people are contented.  Shopping malls are not that jammed pack.  There are some small shopping malls here actually.  I've seen one, and there is a cinema.  Alcohol is not prohibited, but you need to get a license.  I'm thinking getting one.  I've heard to some of my friends who have been here for a couple of years telling me they are definitely staying here as long as they could.  The weather by the way is likeable, although it's a bit early to tell because winter is just approaching.  

I can't wait to explore more the city of Doha.  It seems that you can tour the whole city in just few hours in a not so busy day.  I see that there are major constructions undergoing to build the metro rail as well.  There is a public bus that seems efficient.  Well, I must say these are only an observation of someone who is relatively new here living in Qatar.

I think I will continuously enjoy living and working here in Qatar.  I particularly like the culture that is relaxed as compared to other Arab countries I've been to like Saudi Arabia.

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