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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rewind: A Quick Review on Windows 8 Prior to Windows 8.1 Upgrade

When Windows 8 was launched as an operating system by Microsoft In October 2012, it became the new operating system packed with more sophisticated designs and more interactive applications to make a better computer experience. Below are the improved features of Windows 8 operating system at that time:-

Improved search function

All you need to do is to type anything, and a search function will appear on the right side of your screen and will give you the results. The search capability is much even better this time because it will display all the matching applications and files simultaneously.

Easy multitasking

You can snap two applications on either side of the screen and multitask. At this time you can chat with your friend while scoping on a map, or do watch a movie while doing some stuff. It is simple to do things at once in Windows 8.

Application Store

Windows 8 included this application so you can browse for more application on Windows store in one click. All the applications on the store have ratings and reviews so you can have a gist of that application before you buy it. You can even share it with your friends.

More battery hours

Windows 8 PCs and tablets are designed to use less power to lengthen the battery life. Now you will have more time in doing what you want and wherever you are.  Plus you can save more cash from those expensive electric bills at your home.

Cloud Computing Experience

With this integrated interface on Windows 8, you can go anywhere and stay connected with great applications. Store your things on SkyDrive and from that you can already your files anytime and anywhere. With Cloud Computing, you are still connected with your computer even if you are away.

For those who love to do some sort of art stuff out there, you might want to check out the latest Microsoft Paint on Windows 8. The interface is so realistic that you will feel like you are painting on a real canvas with a real paintbrush and a real palette. With this, you are at ease because you don’t have to carry all those painting stuffs anymore. With simple stroke of your fingers on the screen, you can create a beautiful art like you are painting on a real canvass. This can be done best if you have a touch screen display.

Another good thing about Windows 8 is that it is packed with lively tiles that keep you updated on certain information without running those applications.  For those with touch screen display, you can manipulate what you are doing easily on Windows 8 because you can simply touch and slide the applications running on your desktop.

In this fast paced environment, Windows 8 won’t definitely let you be left behind.  Expect that more exciting features will emerge again these coming years to improve your computer experience.

This was how to update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 way back then.

Microsoft had already launched Windows 8.1 which is an update for the Windows 8 operating system. A start button was added back and the functions of search and multi-tasking had been expanded. Microsoft Store had been selling the basic package priced at £99.99 and for Windows Pro which included features like the remote desktop, extra encryption and others are priced at £189.00.  There is also a student version which needs verification process that costs approximately £49.99. Upgrades from Windows 7 have reduced prices. There are also DVD’s, digital downloads that are readily available from Store and prices can be checked and online.

It is possible to download the update while using the computer since it can simply run in the background. It’s about more or less 3.5GB in size and because it is the latest release, it is therefore understandable that servers can experience some strain and downloads can be a little bit slower.

Those Windows fanatics might have tried to install a preview released but unluckily, Microsoft will slightly rebuke you for your loyalty. You can enjoy the updates the same as Window 8 fanatics but it is suggested that saved game files should be backed up. Those who had installed the App will be required to download once again.

For Existing Windows 8 Users, this was how it was done.

However, those who are using Windows 8 will have the most convenient and easy way to update. You can download the update free of charge by simply going to the Window Store through the live tile. It may take some time longer than you think coupled with a restart and requires a log-in after it is done.

Those who still use Window 7 will reconsider that it might be a big step, compared to updating from 8 to 8.1. You need to be very careful to evaluate that you have the necessary specs as follows; 16-20GB free space, 1GHzprocessor, 1 or 2GB of RAM and a graphics card that can run Microsoft DirectX9. In addition, these users will have to accept the fact that their computers won’t be touch-enabled which is not compulsory for Windows 8 but is without doubt very useful. There is a certain type of satisfaction when flicking the hand compared to exploring those live tiles with the use of the mouse. The update should preserve your personal files including Office documents and pictures, but of course it is still very significant to have a back-up, in case something happens. A standard Windows 8.1 costs around £75 and for the professional version, it is approximately £125.

Microsoft stated that ‘Windows 8.1 was not created for installation on gadgets and devices that run a Windows XP or Windows Vista” but you can always choose to update to 8.1 if your computers can deal with leaping on Windows 8 primarily and then taking the chance to update. Note that backups are vital since files will not be saved.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 from version 8 has actually subtle differences, but this can be visibly noticeable. Windows 8 are often associated with annoyance since it was released initially. If you really decide to upgrade to 8.1 as long as you are using Windows 8, it is relatively easy.

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