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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Working as a part-time transcriptionist helps me earn money while enjoying the job

In this article, I will feature my interview with Marilou who considers herself as an average transcriptionist.  She is located in Cebu City and presently not connected to any company.

In 210, she had joined a week training as a transcriptionist but decided to stop because the location was far from where she lives.  She started transcribing sometime around November of 2010 when she helped out someone she knew who was originally working as a Transcriptionist with her load. Being a part-time transcriptionist helps her earn money while enjoying the job.

When asked what is her preference to work home based or in an office setting, she explained she prefers to work home based because it is a lot more convenient.  Also, general transcription appeals most to her interest.

She said that the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive transcriptionist is being passionate.

She advised that for anyone who wants to work as transcriptionist, extend their patience, obtain active listening, focus and love the job while being passionate about the work.

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