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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Art In Island Quezon City Philippines

I’ve always been a home buddy since I start working at home and it is like home-my kids’ schools-home on weekdays and home-church-home on Sundays.  My youngest son is a first-time school boy and then once I had a chance to go out with him for a school trip.  It seems that I am more excited than him that I prepared our things for the early leave the next day.

The places we visited for the school trip seemed nothing new to me, but it was his first time so I let him enjoy the places and took pictures.  The last place that we visited was something very new to me.  I saw the place and sign before when I was working in Cubao and was still living in Quezon City.  The tour guide asked everyone to prepare our camera phones or cameras and he said that it is a huge place with different paintings on the walls, ceilings, and even floors.  Everyone was so excited to wear our pair of foot covers at the door of Art In Island.  It is an interactive 3D art museum located in Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City.

The first part of the paintings was the common optical illusions and at first, I can’t take pictures because we were so amazed of the wall paintings.  When we get inside the place more, there were different themes and really huge paintings that change the atmosphere of the place.  Since it was a mother and son event for the two of us, I took more of the picture of the place with my very handsome good boy.  Well, I can say that there were just a couple of people who volunteered to take a photo of us both like the huge message in the bottle.  We sat in the middle of the two walls and that is the middle of the painting of a huge bottle that was floating in the ocean with beautiful scenery of the sunset as a background.

There were some parts that it seems like you were in a jungle, Egypt, Milan, Snowy Mountain and a lot more.  There were also parts in front of the painting that has a sign of camera; it means that is the good spot to take a picture.  When we were on our way home, I was so surprised that I took more than 50 pictures in that place and I uploaded more than 180 pictures from the places that we visited that day.  It was fun and we’re planning to visit it again with some friends or family members. 

This post was contributed to us by a work at home mom.

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