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Saturday, January 2, 2021

100 wpm typing speed - Can you transcribe like this?

I used to believe that to be able to get good quality work in doing my medical transcription, I have to be typing way about 100 wpm without errors.  But after that, I started to be frustrated with what I can only achieve.  I am a medical transcriptionist but I can merely type between 35-40 wpm.  I used to not pass job applications because a number of companies require above 60 wpm or higher.  I keep in mind that at one time, I attained 50 wpm in one of my tests and I was very happy.  Although that was not achieved at a one-time test alone because I did that after several attempts; somehow I got used to what I was typing.

I learned to type using the old fashioned type writer.  I then started to learn typing using the computer keyboard doing my undergraduate thesis in college.  I liked using the WordStar at that time.  I never did it the correct way.  I mean, I type not following the correct finger assignment.  Nowadays, fortunately there is Autocorrect in MS Word that I can take advantage of some time to attain more than 500 lines a day doing my medical transcription work.

One fortunate moment was when I passed preliminary screening in one company.  The first test included typing test and I think the passing score was 35 wpm.  I couldn’t remember how I managed to reach 40 wpm on my initial attempt and so I was hired.  I learned after that half of the applicants that time was sent out.  Of course, the initial screening also included English knowledge assessment to pass.

I have this post in my personal blog one time about my typing skill, and I think I will never learn to do the right thing because of my inflexibility.  All I can do is I can type faster while my earphones listening to voice of the doctors rather than copy typing.  There are a lot of typing tips on how to type faster and master your keyboard.  Some tries to just be more accurate than speedy.  Your speed will follow then.  Of course, practice is still considered the best method.  Try to feel the home keys first then proceed with to the point you need not to look at them.  Warm up before starting your typing or voice transcription.  It really helps as we normally do with any of our activities.  Know by heart your keyboard as well, but do not bring to bed your keyboard.  There is also this thing that rhythm as you go along typing your voice transcription.  Also avoid distraction when typing.

But in all honesty, there are only a few medical transcriptionists who can type 100 wpm.  Are you one of them?  Tell us your experience.

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