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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Audio Transcription is a less stressful job than being a call center agent

Welcome to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as audio transcriptionists. 

In this article, we will feature our interview with Lynn.  She is a General Transcriptionist and her work office is located in Baguio City Philippines where the company is connected to US clients.

She has been working as a General Transcriptionist for some time but she said she is a fast learner. She had attended a one-month transcription schooling and after that she left her job as a call center representative.  She immediately worked as a transcriptionist and currently enjoying the job. 

One of the factors that prompted her to pursue a career in audio transcription is that the work is less stressful.  She also stated that there is no need to argue with a customer since you only have to put into writing the message or audio given to you making sure that all transcriptions are correct.

She said that she can either work in an office or in a home based setting.  She is currently working in an office but somehow, it would be better if she can work home based because of the flexibility in working hours.

To be an effective and productive audio transcriptionist, she believes that one must have the the right attitude towards the job which is patience.  Confidence in transcribing is also important and the knowledge to use his or her time wisely by finishing the job on a specified time or even earlier if possible.  Because you will be dealing or hearing different accents that are somehow hard to understand, you must be patient enough to work as an audio transcriptionist  According to Lynn, this work can be easy and fun.

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