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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Where Will Your First Salary Goes?

After our graduation in college, we experienced mixed emotions of fear, worry and excitement.  The fear of what’s next after college life, the worry if we can get a good job right away and the excitement to land in our first job.  Yes, this is it.  Welcome to the world of job hunting.

Imagine yourself making and printing lots of application letters.  Then you submit them to different companies with the hope get an interview and take the exam.  There are some who are fortunate enough to get a good job right away after applying.  But for some, they are just required to accept any kinds of job even though it’s not their top choice.

Become a Young Professional

For a young Filipino, the feeling of having a job gives the person the sense of independence.  Certainly, the primary reason of looking for a job is to earn.  It is the best way to make money than waiting for your parents to give you some.  It includes the need and the want of money.  You need to earn in order to help support your family and you want to earn just so to buy the stuff the you like.

But whatever your reasons may be, having a job means also being responsible in handling your finances.  For us Filipinos, we really compelled ourselves to find a job.  We are known for being hard working, so it simply speaks our attitude of looking for jobs even how hard it is, yet very rewarding.  That’s what our families are looking forward also from us.

Time to Share Your Blessing

What usually happens to us Filipinos is this.  When one member of a family landed to the first job, the parents are so proud.  It is also a long time practice that having a job means facing the responsibility.  Definitely, our goal is to support them.  Also, it is customary to celebrate this wonderful blessing.  We usually offer a thanksgiving mass, or having even just a little celebration for being so thankful to God for the job opportunity.  This happiness is usually shared to our families but even to our relatives and friends.  For us Filipinos, having a first job really means something to us.  As a person who achieves such goal is a fortune.  It is always a blessing.

Thinking about that everybody is happy is so heartwarming.  Sharing the gratitude to our family even for just a simple celebration can make you happy.  Regardless how big or small your salary is, what's important is you share your blessings.  It is best recognized if you buy something for the family.  It is very typical for a Filipino to bring home a cake, ice cream, pancit, or any native kakanin on the first salary.  Cakes and ice cream typically symbolize celebration to us.  It really makes the event special.  Pancit or noodles symbolizes the longevity of one’s life or success.  Kakanin or native foods will always mean the kinship of every member.

These are just our simple joys on how we celebrate our blessings by having some family activities.  It is worthwhile to do this once in a while.  Spending something for our family from our own pocket is not hurtful at all.  It gives our first salary more value.

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