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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

5 Unusual Web Design Tips You Must Check Out

Over all these years, web design has encountered a lot of innovations and risks. Both, amateurs as well as proficient web designers have always been trying something out-of-the-box for their website design projects. With a typical series of web design recommendations available in the web market, choosing one that suits the customized needs of clients is a tiresome job. In order to curb all the confusions regarding selection of the right web design tip, today I'd be making you familiar with something entirely different.

Here, I bring to you 5 web design tips that are 100% unique and will hopefully let you push your imagination a little.

Web Design Tip No.1-First focus on message, followed by emphasizing on marketing

An incredible count of web designers loves emphasizing on the marketing aspects of a product above everything else. This is a wrong approach. Although there are web design activities that render immediate results, you must ensure to create the meaning first. In other words, your web design must be able to connect with the visitors on an emotional level. Even if your business doesn't take-off instantly, creating a bond with the visitors will aid you in getting recognized on a global basis.

Web Design Tip No.2-Follow a reverse approach during web designing

Unlike the traditional format of web designing including home page design, placement of content, pictures, call to action buttons etc., it is recommended to work in reverse. Consider building the standard sub-pages first, followed by designing the home page etc. To top it all, instead of focusing on the look of web pages, focus on what they're intending to convey and how you'll be keeping the people engaged.

Web Design Tip No.3- Content and Design Go Hand In Hand

There are many business professionals who prefer creating their own content as an approach to save money. Well, it is good if you can create a high quality content, but if you aren't a professional writer, you can make your business look unprofessional via boring and grammatically incorrect web content. Hence, it is recommended to pay heed to content creation while undertaking the web design process. With a professional writer penning down your business story, you'll be able to design in a way that would captivate your audience brilliantly.

Web Design Tip No.4-Don't flood the website with features

Although there's nothing wrong with incorporating some cool features into your website, overdoing it can easily ruin things. Too many web designers have already got caught up with the idea of adding numerous features into their web designs. This is something that needs to be avoided on an immediate basis. I recommend you to have only those features which add value to your site. If you're unsure about the worth of a particular web design feature, opt for avoiding it as a whole.

Web Design Tip No.5-Social Media isn't great

Social Media Integration is indeed the hottest buzz in today's web design industry. Adding social media icons has become a popular trend among global web designers. Yet, it is beneficial to realize the fact that telling your business story via social media won't help you develop a successful brand. As per a recent research, it has been found that over 99% of the conversions held over the social media are actually irrelevant. Just because something is trending on Facebook doesn't mean you should follow it blindly. Hence, while designing websites, do make a note of the fact that social media is good but it isn't everything.

Concluding Words

Web design is an art. If you're stuck to the traditional forms of website designing, you're probably losing the opportunity of uncovering your mind for bigger and better web design ideas. Hope the web design tips covered above would've enlightened you to the fullest.

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About the Contributor:  Sarah Parker is one of the trained HTML to WordPress developers, who loves sharing details on web designing and development. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd., a renowned name in the website markup conversion services domain.

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