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Friday, March 26, 2021

Taking a trip alone can be very fulfilling. You can sense a feeling of freedom and independence. Your emotions are a mixture of excitement and adventure, of what lies ahead, alone, and it's only you and nobody else. No worries, nobody to take care of, and only you to enjoy whatever you will be doing and have fun wherever you go. Some form of escape perhaps, to unwind, relax, do some soul-searching and just do anything under the sun. This can be a rewarding experience. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman.

Here are some reasons why you need to travel alone at least once in your life:

Total freedom and independence. Traveling alone is a memorable experience. Imagine yourself doing anything alone to please your wishes, and desires? You can go to any place without waiting for anyone, you can eat your food whichever way you want, you can sleep for all you care and wake up with nobody to think of but yourself. No need of compromises, time constraints and debates. Savor it.

Dare Yourself. Traveling with only a backpack for yourself can be worthwhile, yes, because it will be only you who will be responsible for yourself, and your decisions. You need to trust your own choices, based on your instincts and belief. This will test you and who you are, and your limits.

Soul searching. This is the most treasured moments that you should cherish. Time spent alone is also time to do some soul searching. There would be times that you will be lonely, but you can fill that hollow space by just communing with yourself, the nature, and perhaps the Creator. This is the time that you can assess and reassess yourself, your priorities and what-have-you in your life. Have a deeper insight of other people, your friends, your job and your family.

Go home with a renewed spirit, and a transformation of a new perception of the world. Sometimes, you cannot see the value of life when you are in a crowd. You need to experience things alone to be able to appreciate yourself and the people around you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Working at home is very convenient for me.  I can work on my own time schedule; I don't have to worry about my kids, I don't spend for fare to go to the office, traffic, food, clothes to wear and more things that you can consider in going to a regular job.  I can check my kids from time-to-time, I can walk with them to school, prepare their things, help them with their homework, and I can have dinner with them.

In the convenient environment of my home, my computer is very close to my bed.  Of course, there were times that I feel like lying down and sleep more.  Being sleepy has been a challenge for me especially when it is Monday.  Sunday is the busiest day of the week for me because of some church duties.  For sure, you know the feeling of "It's Monday again," right?

So then, I looked for ways to mood myself in working just like when I was in a regular office.  First, I prepare for work:  I dress up and put a little makeup.  I make sure that I dress appropriately and I look like a professional.  I'm having online video English classes so the look is very important.  However, I still make sure that I dress appropriately even if I don't have students.  This makes my mood be "at work mode."

Second, I still have this habit of making a cup of coffee or tea and cleaning my desk an hour before my working time.  Although, I'm at home I set the alarm on my phone for work time.  It is like it, "log in" time for me.  This is important so that I won't be late for work and to manage my time well too.

I also play my favorite music playlist while I work, so I can think well and keep myself in the work mode whenever I'm waiting for my students or writing.  It is advisable to have a lively playlist depending on the genre that you are listening.  I usually listen to Christian rock bands or to worship songs.

I also take some short breaks like 5 to15 minutes, to rest my eyes, eat a little, or make another cup of coffee or tea.  It is also a short break to check my Facebook, email, chat with friends and read some motivational quotes or Bible verse to keep myself motivated.  Even if my working station is just five steps to my bed, I keep this "work mode" habit because this is where I earn money with the convenient of my home.

About the Contributor:  This is an opinion by a work-at-home mom about home-based work shared to us in our blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I have been trying to get a six-pack abs and so far I'm almost there.  Since I started working out in the gym, I make sure to add an ab workout in my routine.  Most often after the workout, I notice some changes on my abs structure.

Never it comes to my mind that there is a proven effective 15-second ab workout.  I tried it and here is the video of how it works for me.

When I'm so slim, my abs really shows after a total body workout.  But every time I gain weight mostly on my tummy, I have a hard time getting a six-pack abs.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

You read it right.  It is not true that your life only begins when you reach 40 years old.  I'm near 40 and this is my realization.  Don't get me wrong - I have a beautiful life though.  Once, I wrote about me being in my 30s here.

Stop being pessimistic about it. This is the stage of your life that is almost done. Considering that life expectancy these days is slim, say most people die at the age of 60; you're lucky enough if you reach 70. So you only have a few years left living. Another 10 or 20 years seems long, but life is getting fast paced.

There's nothing much now you can do with your life when you reach 40 years old. At this time of you're life once and for all be realistic. Don't live your life like there's still tomorrow full of hope.
You must have a good sense of wisdom by the time you reach 40. your life isn't like the way it was before when you're younger. Make yourself aware of this.

It's not being harsh to oneself thinking life really is not a new beginning when you reach 40. All you have to do is wake up from a dream that never will be happening to your life.

When you're 40 years old, your body is not that energetic as it used to be. Every part of your body deteriorates and it will continue the moment you turn 41 or so. Your mind is not that sharp anymore as you age. This is the time of your life that you lose most of your productive time. All you want to do is rest and rest after a week of work.

You are mostly not interested doing new things in life. This is the truth about being 40 years old. You don't care to start anything else. You only continue to do whatever is necessary and needed. It is a customary day to day life only.

So you must not think that life begins at 40. It is full of imaginative thinking only.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

In 2005, I studied Medical Transcription to change a career from being a food technologist.  When finished training on a medical transcription school, I immediately attended the on-the-job  training.  It was facilitated by the school.  Somehow, this type of employment can be as achieved on various medical transcription companies offering this type of internship.  Similar to job hunting, you must first send you OJT application to them.  This would practice your skills in looking for a job.

It can be a tedious way of looking of an internship as medical transcriptionist.  Some companies may offer a salary package or some may only give you allowances.  You may or may not be hired as a medical transcriptionist also, keep that in mind.