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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Social Way to Dine at Home with Smartphone App

There is a lot of buzz lately surrounding the role of technology and social media in how they affect the way we socially interact with each other. Loosely termed as 'nocialize', the youth of today cannot seem to get enough of their gadgets even in social settings such as dinners or parties. It is not really rare to see something akin to this image anymore.

Double edged sword as it is, social media definitely also has a brighter side to it. Many applications are  available these days to bring people, maybe even strangers, together in different settings like parties, get togethers, concerts or even over home cooked meals.

Smartphone application is that champions its users desire to eat or host home cooked meals and meet new friends at the same time. This GPS enabled app helps you look for home chefs around you who are already throwing a party. It also works the other way around if you want to throw a party. One can even choose to have a pot luck party to encourage guests to share their home cooking.

This free app is currently available for IOS or Android. Once you download the Smartphone app from the App Store Or Google Play, just follow their easy steps to make your way to your next home cooked meal.

First you have to sign in or register. Registration is as simple as connecting the app to your Facebook profile. Registration is also absolutely free.

Once you finish registering, make sure that you allow the app to find your location in your privacy settings. As this is a Global Positioning System (GPS) based app, it would facilitate finding meals that are nearby. You can browse through the variety of selection of cuisine, types of gathering, and even the price of the meal. Meals range from being absolutely free to a minimal fee just to cover the overhead expense. The fee can be paid securely over PayPal or credit card.

On the contrary, if you are a home chef and would love to have people over and eat home cooked meals at your place, you can also set up your own meal in your profile. Setting up is easy and you can link your Paypal  account to facilitate transfer of payments.

The app does not only stop there. Of course you would like to keep in touch with all the new friends you have just made. The app itself hosts a personal messaging system that allows you to talk to new friends or even soon to be new friends. You can even join communities with similar interests to get updates on future meals that will be hosted.

Using the Smartphone app for home cooked meals,  it allows you to explore new cuisine and new friends, you can  now revamp your old eating out habits with friends at expensive fancy restaurants and meet new or old friends while you eat home cooked meals from different cuisines in a social way. 

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