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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Three Extraordinary Filipino Traits

Ingenuity, hard work and business minded are just few of the remarkable traits of Filipinos. We are known to be creative in our own ways. These three traits help us go through and survive all obstacles in life. It is undeniable that, the Philippines has encountered lots of hardships from calamities to government issues. However, these are not the reasons to not to keep forward. We still let the Filipino spirit live. The survival in us stays with us wherever we go. That’s why, other nationalities admire our Filipino traits, that is staying positive and happy at all times amidst all difficulties.


Filipinos are born with ingenuity. This can be seen in our everyday lives especially the less fortunate ones. Though they do not have much in life, yet they manage to survive. They use their creativity and skill. In which country have you seen that during the storm and floods one person made use of the coffin turned into a boat in order to cross the road full of water? In which country can you find that the famous and expensive oysters in posh restaurants and hotels can just be cooked in an old big biscuit can and can be found in the streets? What I’m trying to highlight here is how every Filipinos make use of their resources in any way they can. If you wish to eat oysters, you don’t need to go to any expensive restaurants or hotels. Just look for them in any corner and streets in the Philippines. They are cheaper. That’s how skillful Filipinos are.

Hard work

Hard work goes together with ingenuity. People will not use their skill if they don’t mind hard work at all. Their being hardworking can be best illustrate in their everyday lives. Just like with simple chores in our own homes. We prefer to do our stuff on our own than having others do it for us instead. That’s how we treasure our own skills, effort and hardships. Through working hard, most Filipinos are not selective when it comes to work. They value what is more important for their family. That’s why, you cannot blame if people work in other countries even how hard it would be.

Business Minded

By nature, most Filipino people find means and ways in order to support their hungry stomach. We can see there are lots of vendors everywhere. These vendors wake up in the wee hours in the morning just to set up their goodies in the streets hoping that for the day they can go home with much profit. Also, we will give credit to big companies run by business people. They too were doing hard work then, and that’s the result of their business now. Just like with the work, Filipinos are not choosy as well when it comes to business. You can find all kinds of products being sold anywhere such as food, groceries, clothes, appliances and other stuff. Food is the primary need of every people. As we can notice, there are lots of restaurants in the Philippines because we Filipinos love to eat. Carinderias and eatery are just everywhere in the streets. Filipinos can survive with just simple foods. We don’t need expensive food just to sustain appetite. Since lots of Filipinos work early in the morning and late at night, they usually opt to choose foods that are easy to prepare because of their busy schedules. Just like the easy to prepare frozen foods. They are of big help in our morning rush. A good breakfast in the morning prepared with rice, longganisa, noodle soup or a cup of coffee will complete our day. This is one of the common breakfasts for everybody. You now have the complete meal with carbohydrates and protein to start your day.

Life is full of pleasure. These three Filipino traits makes the daily living more enjoyable. By being ingenious, hardworking and business minded, we can continue living the life we want.

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