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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Audio Transcription Process Overview

The technological advances made in the industry today allow any computer to be turned into a transcribing machine, including foot pedals and headsets that connect into the USB port.

Audio transcriptionists no longer have to work with physical cassette tapes that are played back with stand-alone transcriber units. The audio files are much clearer, high quality and better clarity. That means the audio that's transcribed is more complete as well.

An audio transcriptionist working with digital files will receive general transcription projects the same way as a medical or legal transcriptionist.

The audio files are loaded into the computer, played back with digital audio software operated by a foot pedal that plugs into the computer, and listened to through headsets that also plug into the computer.

It is a growing field that is not showing signs of slowing down. There is an abundance of audio needing to be transcribed, providing job security for years to come. Nowadays, businesses around the world are recognizing the advantages of availing the services of transcriptionist. General transcription is indeed an industry that will always be in demand.


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