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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Various comments about medical transcription

In 2016, our blog received various comments noteworthy to post.  Here are a few of their insight about various topics:-

Ruby Ann Flores
Ruby Ann 
Feb 16, 2016

I have applied for a medical transcription position. The fact that I’m a registered nurse I still find it a little bit hard for sometimes I forgot the acronym of some of the medical abbreviations and their corresponding spellings. I think it would be easier for me to transcribe in layman’s term rather than in medical. As of the moment, I’m working as a marketing staff in one of the companies here in Makati and I assume that I will find it easier to transcribe business related materials rather than medical.

Feb 14, 2016

For me the easier to transcribe is medical transcription may be its because of my field of profession which is I am graduate of bachelor of science in nursing. As a medical transcription is to listen the dictated recordings made by the physicians and other healthcare professionals and transcribe them into medical reports. They listen to recordings by using headset, using foot pedal to pause the recording when it is necessary and key the text into a personal computer, editing as necessary for grammar and clarity. The documents that they produce includes discharge summaries, medical history and physical examination reports, operative reports, consultation reports, diagnostic-imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters. The medical transcriptionist will return the transcribed documents to the physicians or other health care provider who dictated them for review and signature or correction of the documents. These documents is generally become part of patients permanent files. To understand the accurate transcribe dictated reports, you must understand the medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostics procedures, pharmacology and treatment. Or when you need medical reference materials you can also see it in your medical books if you have available or you can see it in internet. While the general transcription is what they called business transcription or other type of transcription that is not medical or legal. The materials that you transcribe may it come from almost anywhere or anyone but the most general transcription will generally come from types or categories. And that is why I choose to transcribe medical transcription.

Feb 14, 2016

As I have experienced applying / taking exams in General Transcription position.
I noticed that G.T is more likely a business transcription. The audio is all about checking stocks, delivering stocks, appointments, product reservations and for me it is quite easier than Medical transcription because M.T is more specific, e.g. Medical Terms, and I didn’t experience or I am not interested in medical terms. So, for me the general transcription is easier.

Ma. Verna Rica R. dela Peña
Ma. Verna
Feb 13, 2016

Dear Archie,

With your post, now I was able grasp an understanding of the transcription industry. I still would like to pursue a job on this field as this enhances my hearing and typing skills while I am exposed to other industries. I also would like to take the opportunity to be part of other industries, be helpful in their emerging developments and be a part of their way to success. Hopefully, many people will also learn this job in the future and be able to help them in many ways. I think, a mutual relationship can be built on this kind of industries.

Ma. Regina V. Salazar
Ma. Regina 
Feb 12, 2016

I am a certified Medical Transcriptionist and has experienced 18 months of home-based medical transcription. An overview of General Transcription from your site has caught my attention and realized that transcription is not only in-demand in the medical and legal fields but in so many other fields of work as well and home-based at that. I am very much interested and I am willing to undergo tests and/or interview at your convenience.

Lourdes Lapso
Feb 7, 2016

General transcription is easier compared to Medical Transcription because it does not require the applicant extensive training to become an MT. But even general transcription is not that easy. Transcriptionist must posses above average typing speed. Good hearing acuity and proficiency in the English language.

Roselyn Hugo
Feb 3, 2016·

I find it exciting whether GT or MT, though I haven’t experience both yet but when you try to look at it, they both give you experience, knowledge and self development. I may not have any experience in transcribing but I’m willing to try.

Seychell Almarez
Feb 2, 2016

I studied medical transcription initially but I did not end up as a medical transcriptionist. I’m not used to medical terminology because I’m not a nurse or something like that that’s why it’s hard for me have a work in this field. This is the reason why I became a general transcriptionist. I’ve been working as a general transcriptionist for 3 years now.

Ginny Villa-Real
Jan 29, 2016

I’ve had some experience in general transcription in the past. I believe that even though it seems pretty simple and mechanical to be a transcriptionist, one has to have certain skills on hand, such as: language proficiency, comprehension, above average computer know-how (including typing ability), and general familiarity with a wide range of topics. My experience proved to me how useful these skills are in terms of efficiency and quality of output. The scope of topics that usually need transcribing makes it easy to appreciate how useful and lucrative this industry is.

Brian Bentley
Jan 25, 2016

As with anything else specialisation is the key to getting the best transcription, being an expert in the field that is being transcribed helps a great deal because if the person knows what the word actually means they can use better grammar while transcribing.
This is even more true when transcribing into another language, because often a sentence may have to be re-arranged slightly to make sense, or there may be no direct translation of the word so a close approximation will be needed.

mary jade damondamon
mary jade 
Jan 20, 2016

Medical Transcribing is very much difficult for people who are not familiar in medical terms. They find it difficult to spell. General Transcribing may also be difficult if the speaker you are transcribing has a native English pronunciation such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese people.

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