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Monday, May 3, 2021

Few Things To Consider Before Getting Office Job Again

Shifting from an office job to online blogging and back to office job again is a big decision to make. It is true that working as online blogger gives most freelancers the opportunity to earn more than what they can earn from an office-based work. So, what if a dedicated online blogger decides to get a job in the office? Will it really last for a long time or will turn out to be an experiment only? Try considering these points.

First, working again for one boss in an 8 AM – 5 PM schedule, five to six days in a week, and earning a fixed salary every 15th and 30th day of the month. This is a typical situation of an employee working in an office. Unlike the online blogging environment, you can have one to three bosses since you can have one, two or three online blogs with flexible schedules and paying you on different rates. Salary is also fixed yet a way higher as compared to that of an office employee. Also, fixed salary applies to fixed rate jobs. You can have different projects with different pays. That’s possible.

Second, debts and loans are floating in every corner. These usually happen to office-based employees because they earn a low fixed salary with tax deductions and loans. Daily expenses are relatively higher which mostly include travel allowance, food, and some unexpected trips. Far different with the online bloggers, they do not need to commute to go to the office since they are doing their jobs at the comfort of their homes. No problem if they also want to buy expensive food because they can already afford it. Just always make sure you monetize your blogs and become the  top blogger online.

Last, less quality time for family. Typically, you can  be away from your home for 8-11 hours per day and that’s almost half a day. Lucky for you if you arrive home fresh and not stressed from work that you can still spend time with your family. Comparing from  working as a blogger, despite the possibility that you can have three different online jobs, you can always have the time to take a look at your kids or cook a special meal for your loved one.

There are still a lot of factors that you can consider in choosing office works over online blogging. Well, there are also some good points if you work in an office like earning friendships from your officemates and improving your sense of professionalism. Weigh things out and you will surely get into the job environment of your choice.

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