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Monday, May 10, 2021

Read How! - Make Your WordPress Posts Popular in Social Media

 Social media has outgrown as a wide platform for promoting your brand. The increasing dependence on internet has made way for the birth of social sharing websites that allow you to reach out to the consumers who’re looking for top-quality products and services.

If you’re running a WordPress blog then it is absolutely essential to manipulate your blog posts so as to make them look great on various social networks. I’ve written this blog to make you familiar with some tips that will work wonders for showcasing your WordPress blogs on social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc.

Tip No.1- Add Open Graph tags to your blog posts .

Open Graph tags are tools that transform any web page into a rich object in social media. In other words, the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) is actually a set of additional meta tags that are being looked for by social media websites when they are creating links to an external web page.

Tip No.2- Opt for implementing Twitter Cards for rich media tweets from your WordPress site/blog .

The sole purpose behind Tweeting is to receive Twitter users back to your website. Well, with Twitter Cards, you can easily have rich media elements along with a link to your Twitter account with every single tweet of your WordPress website/blog. 

Tip No.3- Pay attention to effective optimization of website text.

If you want to control your text that’s shared on different social networks, you can always opt for using a WordPress module. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a module that makes it easier to manage the SEO title tags and meta descriptions that are being entered along with a blog post.

Tip No.4- Get your content linked to your Google+ Profile 

Google+ has come up as an effective platform for sharing personal as well as company details. In order to make your WordPress blog stand out from the crowd, you must link all your web content to your Google+ profile. This will result in effective optimization of your website as your name, photo and your Google+ profile link will be available next to every content that’s displayed in the Google search results.
 Tip No.5- Watch out for the WordPress blog posts that are shared the most.

By getting an idea about the pieces of content that are shared the most, you can continue to create content that your readers love. Moreover, you can even opt for installing and activating a premium WordPress plugin called Social Metrics Pro that measures the content that’s been shared on social networks. You are able to view the detailed statistics within our WordPress dashboard. Moreover, this WordPress plugin also allows you to filter blog posts based on date, category and author name. 

Tip No.6- Take complete control of Facebook sharing of your blog posts via Open Graph Protocol.

Facebook has become a prime social network for sharing personal as well as business information. While sharing a blog post on your Facebook profile, you have the flexibility of editing the link’s title, description and default preview image. When visitors click on your blog post, they receive everything that Facebook choose to showcase for your post. This can actually turn out to be a disadvantage as Facebook might choose to display something that purely doesn’t suit your profile. By implementing Facebook Open Graph protocol, you can actually take complete control of what all is being posted on Facebook via your link. Your visitors will hence get the chance to share your post with their friends, thereby increasing your visitor count. Facebook’s official plugin named Open Graph Protocol lets you learn a lot about your audience and people who share your content via Facebook insights. 

Tip No.7- Install social sharing buttons from top networks.

Last but definitely not the least, an effective means of drawing people towards your WordPress blog/site is by installing the official sharing buttons in your content pages. You can either choose to add social sharing button buttons using the coding technique or opt for a plugin like Digg that will make the task much more simpler and convenient. You can choose to add the social sharing buttons towards the right, left, top or bottom of your web content.

Wrapping Up

So these were the tips, which if followed seriously can aid you in making your WordPress blog posts popular with social media websites. Hope you’d have loved the collection and would definitely follow these tips the next time you’re publishing content for the social networks.

Please don’t forget to share your feedback/suggestions on the above post, using the comments box below.

About the Contributor:  Liza Williams is a web developer by profession and a writer by hobby and works for OSSMedia Ltd company. She loves sharing information regarding WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla development tips & tricks. If you are looking for WordPress Development Services then just get in touch with her.

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