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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

5 Ways to Decrease your Blog's Alexa rank

Alexa rank is the metrics used to measure commercial web traffic of a blog or website. The report is based on collecting data and information on the behaviour of browsing done by audience. The data is transmitted to the Alexa website and analyzed. The lower the Alexa rank, the better for your blog's ranking on Alexa. Most online advertisers use the Aexa rank as the basis of quality of the blog. So therefore, it is important to know how to decrease your blog's Alexa rank - that is if you want to monetize your blog.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar and Claim your Blog. You must Claim your blog from Alexa to get a better start. ou should do this above anything else by copying the code Alexa provided for you (register and login to site) and Add your Alexa verification ID to the home page of your blog or upload the file to the root directory. Once claimed, Alexa can now confirm you as the owner of the blog. Also, you must install the Alexa toolbar to monitor visits to your site and decrease your ranking.

2. Acquire More Traffic. Make certain you have a lot of constant everyday traffic because it is the primary thing to improve your Alexa ranking. The better traffic in your blog, the lower Alexa rank you get for sure.

3. Submit Guest Posts. Write articles to other high quality blogs. It is a strategy that will make your blog be known by other bloggers. The additional backlinks you attained and the advanced quality those links are, the more trendy your blog will be, the healthier you’re going to be ranked in major search engines, the more traffic you’re gaining, and more and more benefits. The reason is that backlinks that you get from guest posts are primarily of the best links you will attain so ask your friends with quality blogs to write for.

4. Create Posts Always. A blog that is popular and has authority must be updated often because your blog needs to keep feeding the demands of its readers. If you need Alexa to notice your blog seriously, you are requires to publish fresh, unique and informative content on standard basis. It’s not adequate to just generate a little blog post or article once or twice a month. You truly need to spotlight on giving quality blog posts as often as you probably can while keeping the quantity up.

5. Be Unique With Your Blog Posts. Write about things no one else posts about. Come up to topics that are important to your audience in original or engaging ways. Do not just create trending or popular topics by just writing them the way they do. Create a new approach on the topic. Fascinate your readers so that they hit your social sharing buttons making your posts viral over the Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

These 5 ways to decrease your Alexa rank are vital to get your blog popular. But these are just some of the many ways where you can decrease your Alexa rank. Find out more and if you feel we missed the important ways, comment below to let us know.

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