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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Transcription Foot Pedal - NCH Swift Sound

Almost all audio transcriptionists use a foot pedal.  It is definitely an added advantage to transcribe efficiently faster.  It can be considered as your best friend; a foot pedal is a necessity for many typists.

That's why if you want to start a career in home-based audio transcription, one major equipment you must make sure to get is the foot pedal.  This will definitely increase your productivity when working at home.

If you are using ExpressScribe, for sure you have seen the foot pedal from NCH Swift Sound.  I find it very useful and the one I purchased only cost me $112.40 including the shipping and handling at the time of my purchase.  Always check for their updated price on their website.

It's worth the buy.  I definitely recommend this to every audio transcriptionist  who may want to start a career as home-based audio transcriptionist.


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