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Thursday, October 21, 2021

I feel uncomfortable every time Google Chrome asks about saving my password whenever I login to my email or websites.  Why Google Chrome keeps on asking to save your password for this site.  Is this really necessary.  I find this too risky especially if you are using a PC or any device that is used by other individuals. It is also risky if you are logging in to your bank accounts or to your any other online accounts that has money on it.

Can you share your thoughts?

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Once we had an interview via mail with a mother who wants to become an audio transcriptionist.  She does not have an experience as a transcriptionist, but she worked as Legal Secretary for 7 years.  She thinks that her typing skills would be an advantage to the this position.  She is very much willing to be trained to become one. 

She is a home bound as a mother and wish to work home based since she is doing some online business at home.  Her familiarity with legal terms makes her think that other business related topics can be easy.  She is also fascinated to do type interviews.

She also believes that her patience, interests and love for whatever she does would be her important qualities to become a productive transcriptionist.

Her advice is not as a seasoned transcriptionist but as a mother who wants to be productive and to be of help to her family despite her age.  Age and status should not be a hindrance for us to learn and earn.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

We all know that in our modern world, media has been a powerful tool when it comes to communication.  In the past years, media has made communication easier as messages can be easily sent to anyone may it be of any form such as broadcast (television and radio), and print (newspaper and magazines).  Through media, people can easily be entertained and informed as well.  Having mentioned that media has been a powerful weapon, we cannot also deny the fact that innovation of technology has contributed much to whatever we have right now.  Innovation of technology is one of the reasons behind the changes we are experiencing in contemporary world.

As technology continues to improve and innovation is much apparent, social media has made its way to be a part of communication.  In fact, through social media, you can easily access anything you want and do whatever you want.  Through Internet, you can easily talk to a loved one, keep in touch with someone, update people around you, watch a movie, listen to music, play a game, and buy anything through online shopping.  As what they say, nothing is impossible with Internet.  As social media continues to evolve, change is unending.

I say this because I am a witness of how things changed from way back then to present.  One example is related to education.  Before, I used to go to school every day because I had to be physically present in class discussions.  That’s how it goes.  I need to be physically present because of the surprise quizzes, graded recitations, activities and seat works.  I had to be physically present to submit personally my home works and projects.  I had to be physically present to talk to my classmates, to ask questions to my teachers, and to explain my side when something is wrong.  But now, everything has changed.  Through Internet, I can answer my quizzes, submit my home works, activities and even communicate with my teachers and classmates.  Nowadays, teachers doesn’t have to go to school as they can just email their students in the same sense that we don’t have to go to school as we can just wait for announcements through email.  What I’m trying to say here is the value of going to school physically is slowly losing its essence because of the changes in our world, particularly in technology and social media.  And the sad thing is, future generation might not experience the things people in the past had experienced.  Soon, maybe there’ll be no more schools since everything can be learned from the Internet and kids have to stay at home in front of their computers or gadgets.  Kids might not have a healthy and fit lifestyle as computers and gadgets will take them away from exercise and physical activities.  You see, all these and more are because of innovation, technology, and social media.

Another example is the usual advertisements we see on televisions or posters.  Before, we can only see advertisements when our television is on, or when we walk along streets and roads.  Because of changes mentioned above, advertisements are everywhere, even on Internet.  What’s worse is: before, we can only view a certain advertisement when we click it, but now, we are forced to see it even we don’t want or need to.  Through YouTube, this is possible.  How?   When we click a certain video, an advertisement will play first and you cannot skip it until a portion of the ad was played already.  This is a smart strategy I must say.  Whoever thought of it was genius, seriously.  In 2013, the most successful ads were the ones played in YouTube.  Now, advertisers may spend less as they can just do this and not pay for airing fee for televisions and radios.

Much has changed already because of innovation and technology, and I know that more changes are about to happen.  As a student, I hope that these changes although most are for convenience, would preserve the practices I’ve had long time ago as nothing could be better than going to school and experience how is it like to be a real student.  As a future media practitioner, I hope that innovation and technology will be used not just for convenience, but to share and spread truth and fairness.  I hope these changes would help the country and the world become better by being united.

About the Contributor:  This post is submitted to adD TransWrite by an audio transcriptionist applicant.  She is an intern in one of media network in the Philippines and has an experience transcribing a lot of interviews.  At the time of this written essay, she is a college student looking for an online job that doesn't require much time.