camera essentialsSummertime is the most favorable season for travelers and families to have vacation. This is recognized to be the best time to travel when you do not want to experience bad weather during your trip.

A multitude of locations all over the world have nice weather conditions which you can enjoy if you make your vacation plans to begin in summer. For some who wanted to have their vacation during this season, here are some photography tips to make up your summer vacation more enjoyable.

1. Have extra memory card capacity.                

Our situation today is different from 1990s when you need to struggle on saving some film for you to capture a lot of scenery during you family vacation. All you need now is a memory card or should I say, memory cards, with s.

Having fun of capturing beautiful moments and views has no limit when you have enough  capacity of memory card, or you have brought extra memory card which you can use in case when the first one is full.

In event that you only have one memory with limited space, reduce the image quality on the setting of you camera. The number shots will not determine the space usage in your memory card but the file size of each image that you have captured.

By reducing image quality, the space in your memory card will also increase, which means the number of shot will also become higher. I would just like to repeat that you need to set the image quality to medium, not small or smallest or else the resulting image will also be poor and blurry.

2. Bring back-up batteries and solar charger

This is crucial because depending on the weather, the life span of your battery is also changing. There are two major factors that affect the high battery consumption of your camera: using flash and image preview.

Before you go, make sure that the batteries are fully charged.

You do not need to worry if you have an extra battery or you have a solar charger or you will be going in a place where electricity is available, but you also need to make sure that you back up is enough.

To avoid experiencing lowbat in the middle of your trip, you need to limit the use of the camera flash to what is necessary like shooting against the light to avoid silhouette shots or shooting at night.

Since previewing your photos in the camera consumes a lot of your battery, it is also advised that you have to wait until you come back home before you preview the photos.

3. Carry a tripod with you.      

The most common problem of being a photographer is having little or no chance to be in the photo. To avoid this problem, you need to bring a tripod unless your camera have self-portrait mode, but tripod still work better than self-portrait mode of your camera. Bring a tripod even if it is just small one, the makers call it mini-tripod.

When you in a place where there are many people, be careful of leaving your camera standing with the tripod (especially when you stay far from it) – anybody might snatch your camera. Just have an extra care.

Have a fun summer photo shooting.

Jyppe A. Quidores is a print design and visual merchandising specialist. He blogs at The Creativity Window about (but not limited) visual communications and their application to retailing. His articles include practical visual merchandising tips and easy to implement window display ideas that could help retailer drive more sales.