traveller touristThere are lots of things that can be considered as souvenirs. Well in fact, almost all things that can be seen in a certain place, may it be bought or given for free are already a souvenir. Among these things, there are still to be considered as the most commonly given souvenirs in which they are easy to find and very handy.

To name a few, the snow globes, books, magnets, tumbler, key chain and shot glass come first in the list. But here are the three of the simplest souvenirs you can take home with you when you travel.

travel souvenir booksBooks

One owns a book for two reasons: to read and to gain some knowledge or to read and to be entertained.  Books too are ideal memento because of its usefulness. It gives you the idea as a giver on how well do you know the person whom you wanted to give the kind of book he or she reads. One of its characteristics is its reflection to one’s personality especially the book lovers. People read books according to their interests. Aside from this, books come in handy. They can be found anywhere too. If you want your book to be personalized, you can write a dedication or a short message to the person expressing how you really love giving this book to him or to her.

travel souvenir  magnets


Magnets are customarily colorful knick-knacks. Mostly, children are the ones most likely to receive magnets as collections and as a toy. It also attracts people of different ages because of its being colorful and easy-to-display qualities. If somebody will receive a magnet as a souvenir, he or she will not have a hard time where to place it whether as a collection or a decoration. As mentioned above with other souvenir items, magnets are now adapted into something unique. Some have it custom-made in which you can place a picture or anything you wish to show. Practically, magnets are very handy compared with other souvenir items, unless it is customarily made very big. Mostly, magnets come in pairs or in sets and they are also themed just like any other mementos. This souvenir is ideal for knick-knacks collector.

travel souvenir  tumblersTumblers

Not all people read books but everybody uses a tumbler. Not all people collect magnets and snow globes, yet everybody uses tumbler still. Indeed, tumblers are not just for souvenirs, they are very useful for everybody. Some people may not appreciate how his or her tumbler looks like but it is still very expedient to him or her. Tumblers come in different sizes, shape, texture, materials and designs. You may have it personalized or just the way it is when you bought it out from a store. We associate tumblers with coffee, then that can be given to adults, while the young can have it designed with cartoon characters. Teens are the ones usually have it customized. They want it to be decorated on their own. Coffee lovers would really appreciate this one.

These are the simplest travel souvenirs you can collect when travelling. There are many other item that you can choose from – it’s for you to decide what you fancy most.