buying a laptopDon’t know what type of laptop will suit your need? This buying guide will help you to find out the important aspects in buying a laptop. Read the guide and talk to a salesman to find a laptop that’s best for you.

1. Warranty
Check for warranty. A warranty period is usually around one to three years. This is a very important aspect in buying a laptop just in case you found out some problems regarding your laptop.

2. Processor
In buying a laptop, take note of your ideal processor specifications. The processor serves as the brain of the computer. It is the source of all the command instructions in running different applications and data processing. Most of the computers’ processors are Intel processor categorized as the following:

  • Atom

This is the lightest of all the Intel processors.  Intel atom processor is suitable for web browsing needs. However the performance of this processor cannot be relied on if you are going to run demanding software or do multitasking.

  • Celeron

Celeron is next to atom in terms of performance. This regular type of processor is ideal for editing and sharing audio files.

  • Pentium

This processor can perform basic business capabilities. If you are more on running office applications or do some arithmetic operation, then this is a good processor to consider.

  • i3

This premium type of processor is ideal for Social networking savvy as well as for those who are fond of watching.

  • i5

This is classified as an exceptional processor because it has the ability to run demanding softwares that are running simultaneously. This is also ideal for those who are working on higher types of applications.  This is also the ideal type for watching high definition movies as well as photo editing and sharing.

  • i7

This extreme type of Intel processor is the best performing processor so far. This is the most suitable processor for hardcore gamers or because this can display all the graphics in a high definition format. Plus, it keeps the computer from running at its optimum performance even though you are on some serious multitasking.

3. Hard Disk
This is where all the data and files are stored. Computers with huge amount of space on hard disk, otherwise termed as memory are best for it could store millions or billions of data.  A memory of at least 300 Gigabyte is already enough for you to store a lot of files.  If it comes with SSD, then much better because this new technology improves booting and application opening time. So take this also as an important consideration in buying a laptop.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the selling price. Different laptops in the industry has different price range depending on the manufacturer, specifications and whether it is a brand new or used. Ask if there are any discounts upon purchasing or how much would be the monthly installment so you can budget your money on the laptop that you want. Also check other specifications like the graphics and audio device attached to it.

Laptops nowadays are very helpful in different situations. Whether you are a businessman, a student or just working at home this is a very useful tool buying a laptop that you can use. So be diligent on finding the right laptop that is best for your needs.