mobile appsA mobile is no more a luxury item but a basic need and an integral part of our life. Whether it is studying, carrying out business meetings or simple entertainment, the use of mobile phones cannot be overlooked. To enrich user experience and providing them more options with their smart phones, tablets and other similar devices, mobile applications are introduced. These applications are basically programmed software for a specific purpose. For example, a gamer might not want to have grammar related applications in his mobile which is more suited for students and writers. Mobile apps development of music are not very useful for the person who has little or no interest in music. For this reason, when a mobile is launched in the market, it mostly contains applications that are for general use, with enough room and compatibility feature to install hundreds of other applications.   As the competition in the mobile industry grew explicitly over the last few years, the growth rate of mobile apps has also increased proportionally. Following are some of the latest apps which are worth trying.

1.      Care4teen

With rating of over 7.5, the application has already been one of the favorite applications of the current year that guides parents and guardians about teenage problems and proper handling procedures.  After purchasing the application, users have to subscribe to the application, giving some details about the teenage problems they would like to acquire guidance on. The application then shares stories and events related to that teenage problem and few solutions that can be taken under such circumstances for proper teen management. The solutions and opinions are given by sociology and psychology experts, which are reliable and practical.

2.      Job Enquiry

Unemployment and shrinking jobs are the burning issues in almost all parts of the world, where the number of skilled and educated persons have outnumbered the jobs available. However, many times a very good opportunity is lost because of not being informed about the job. The mobile application of Job Enquiry gives all updates of new openings and available vacancies based on the location and field of the user. In this way, any user using this app will be connected to the corporate industry 24×7.

3.      Foursquare

The power of GPS is expanded to find not only the locations of restaurants, malls and cafes but also your friends, classmates who are connected to you via the Google+ network. This application is designed for the Android users and therefore the users’ data and address are extracted from their Google+ account. It has been in talk that the next version of the application would also gather data from Facebook and other social networking sites.

4.      Real Bodywork

This mobile app has lessen the distance of science and the learners of science by providing all details about human muscles, sensitive brain areas, muscle trigger points and many other things in a single application. This application has been highly appreciated for its 2D and 3D graphical viewers which give a clear and appealing picture of human muscles to the user, highlighting all the main areas and joints.

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