NXTSTEP FOOT PEDALA transcription  foot pedal is a technological device.  It is used to provide hands-free control of digital audio or video via computer software programs.  People use the device most commonly for writing down and preserving spoken monologues, conversations, speeches, a series of events, and even medical dictations.  The pedals are played with your foot (mostly right foot).  Some transcriptions pedals have three parts.  First part (left side) is for rewinding, second part (middle) for start and stop, and third part (right side) for fast forwarding.

There are two types of transcription foot pedals:  Serial port foot pedals and universal serial bus foot pedals.  Serial Port Foot Pedal is a transcription pedal connects to the computer using computer DB9 connectors also Known as COM Port Connector Pedals while universal serial bus foot pedals is the most advanced and sleek searching gadget created for transcription and dictation processes.  These pedals connect to the computer using a USB port.

There are five reasons why it is advisable to use foot pedal for home/office based transcription job.

  1. Transcription foot pedal makes you work faster.  If you do not use a foot pedal, you will be using the mouse which will cause much time and for that reason, it will make you type slow.
  2. Transcription foot pedal is a good investment.  It is a good investment because it can help you type faster and when you type faster you are more productive and when you are productive, there is more money.  That is why transcriptionists whether medical or general should have this if you really want to earn a lot.
  3. When you have a transcription foot pedal, you can work continuously and smoothly than using your fingers alone.
  4. Transcription foot pedal will keep your fingers and hands more relaxed.  Imagine without foot pedal, you will be using your hands and fingers by using the mouse clicking the rewind, play, fast forward on your media player.  Foot pedal has also health benefits.  Too much typing and clicking can cause carpal tunnel syndrome that is why foot pedal is very beneficial for transcriptionists/typists.
  5. By using transcription foot pedal, you can have more money because it makes your job easier and faster.

To all who wants to be a medical/general transcriptionist, you must have this device for you to enjoy your work.  Although transcription foot pedal is not required by all companies, it is perhaps a good investment.  It is not only beneficial when it comes to financial matters, but also when it comes to health matters.

Submitted by: Laila Reyes