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In the competitive world of blogging, you need more than just good articles to win the world’s attention. You also need to improve the overall quality of your blog by adding multipurpose add-ons. But among the many online gadgets designed to make blogs more appealing to the very finicky public, a group chat is perhaps considered to be one of the most beneficial. This article presents five reasons that will convince you why you should definitely be taking time to embed a RumbleTalk group chat in your blog.

1. Receive Criticisms
A group chat enables you to receive comments and suggestions from readers. By allowing your audience to give praises and constructive criticisms on your entries, you are able to determine your readers’ viewpoints regarding the subject matter. You are able to correct existing grammatical errors, if there any; and to improve your thoughts on the topic you previously discussed. Comments may also be important in attracting other readers. The more comments there are in your blog entries, the more people become curious of what your entries are all about.

2. Socialize More
Also, a group chat allows you to reach out to your audience and it builds a network of bloggers, friends and contacts. When a blogger gets up close and personal with his readers, he or she is now able to create a reason why these individuals have to come back and read his upcoming entries. When readers know that a blogger takes time to converse with them and accommodate them, they feel a sense of belonging in the blog site. They also feel a sense of value – that is, their opinions are significant not only to the blogger but also to the entirety of the blog.

3. Give Timely Replies
A group chat permits your readers to respond to each other. People always have the need to gain social experience and thus, the rise of networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Plurk. When your blog allows visitors from all over the world to start meaningful and sensible conversations, individuals visit the blog once again hoping to find the same (or other) individuals that have the same likes and dislikes. Your readers begin to feel that your blog site is a venue where they can actually gain friends.

4. Increase Blog Traffic
The first three reasons previously mentioned work together to further magnify the fourth. A group chat can rise traffic in your blog site. Most, if not all, bloggers want to be recognized. And the one of the best indications that blogs garner recognition from the online community is the increase of activity. Whether individuals visit the site intentionally or accidentally, it should be noted that the sudden influx of viewers does not escape the eyes of Internet analysts.

5. Create More Blog Posts
A group chat helps you build new ideas. This add-on is a feature which bloggers can browse through and learn from the replies of avid followers and conversations of the visitors. By knowing which topics are alluring to your audience, you become more conscious of what subject matters to prioritize and write about in your next blog entries. This allows you to become consistently fresh and engaging to the eyes of your readers.

Whether you desire for high revenues or crave for wide readership, it just seems that there exists no disadvantage in using this interactive blog feature. What else is to worry about when all along you could woo the world with extraordinary chat room?

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