Android versus WindowsWith vast range of phone products in the industry today, it is important to take into consideration their cores and features. One thing to consider is the operating system that those phones are using. Popular phones are labeled as Android phone, Windows phone, iOS phone and the like. But the focus of this review will be comparing Android phone with Windows phone.

Android phones uses Android as an operating system. Developed by Google Inc., this has become widely popular that it is used by almost all brands of phone in the market. On the other hand, windows phone uses Windows as an operating system which is developed by Microsoft. Few known phone brands only uses this operating system which includes Nokia, HTC and windows phone itself.

The following are few guidelines about the features of the two compared phones in the market.

  1. While Android phone display applications in a static and plain icons, Windows phone uses live tiles that displays any activity made in that application. With that feature, the user could be able to see all the activities in the phone at the same time without opening an application.
  1. Android phones focuses more on improved processing of applications and smooth flow of User Interface. Windows phone uses the same interface used in PC operating system so it’s like using a mini-personal computer when using it. That means, any Microsoft office applications running on desktop could be also used in windows phone.
  1. In terms of opening and using more than 1 application at the same time, Windows phone can use a certain application even if other applications are open without wasting the random access memory (RAM) of the smartphone. Android phone can also do the same but the difference is that it could consume much of the Smartphone’s RAM which makes the phone to perform poorly.
  1. These two smartphones are almost compatible with all hardware devices except to those that are using the Apple OS.
  1. A huge variety of applications can be installed in Android Phone using Google play for Android. Windows Smartphone also has variety of applications but not as many as the Android.
  1. Both Smartphones has their own unique type of Security codes which will prevent any hackers to access the files.

In summary, Windows Phone and Android Phone are both useful. The difference relies on the user’s preference when it comes to their usability. The comparison shown above are only few of the points to be consider so it is good to read more about the specifications of the product.