I want to become an advocate of banning tobacco products in the world. It may sound idealistic. This may seem rather a very personal opinion or somewhat unrealistic since a lot of tobacco farmers will lose their job. But nonetheless, this seems not to happen in the near future even if there are a lot of groups all over the world trying to discourage mankind from smoking.

I found an interesting article on September 13, 2012 issue of Arab News that shisha is urged to be banned on cafes in Arab countries. The conference was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and was attended by health ministers from neighbouring Arab countries. It is really admirable reading this news. I remember at a time when I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia seeing also large billboards along the major roads about the health risks of smoking. Government officials posted very graphic photos of men suffering from lung cancer and other similar photos.

We all know the bad effects of cigarettes to the smoker and the receiver of second hand smoke. But there are very weak policies on how to regulate tobacco products in any country. Whenever I dine out, I make sure to stay away with smokers who without care smoking even if the area is non-smoking. I’ve experienced this many times. On the contrary, I had experienced taking a taxi both in Manila and Riyadh where the drivers are responsible enough asking me first if I mind them smoking. I admire these people somehow.

Yes, I have tried smoking once when I was in college because of peer pressure. I know it wasn’t for me. I still wonder these days how many can’t cope of addition to smoking. I think I will never understand them. Knowing the health risks of smoking, it’s really incomprehensible, at least to me. In any case, I’m still optimistic that the world would realize to give alternative jobs for all the people and businesses dependent on tobacco products. Good thing the packets of cigarettes nowadays contains very serious warnings on health risks of smoking.