A huge responsibility is given to every transcriptionist especially to the medical transcriptionists. Medical transcription is not just about being a skilled typist nor having the excellence in interpretation on what they hear. It’s not just about typing with speed or following instructions or about having impressive keyboarding skills. This job is not just about having knowledge on medical terms and not just wanting to get paid.

Medical transcriptionist is a profession that requires accuracy, efficiency and dedication for the task given to them. Medical records are very critical and as well as the prescriptions and medications given by the doctors. Their health improvement depends on the medications their taking. Their medical history is their doctor’s basis as well. So imagine if a medical transcriptionist is having mistakes or wrong interpretation on what they do. For example, if a patient’s medical record is transcribed inaccurately, what will happen to the patient? Or, what if they missed important information about the patient’s diagnosis? Remember that medical histories are needed for the doctor to be able to manage the patient’s health effectively. The patient’s health is at stake.

The medical transcriptionist’s goal is to make sure the patients’ medical records are taken care of. They must think of these people as their own loved ones whom they wanted to be healthy and free from illness. And in order to an effective medical transcriptionist, accuracy must be the main priority and must be obtained.