It is very important and essential to have 99% accuracy because you’re not just converting any voice files into text files here. You’re responsible for transcribing medical record of patients and these records are very critical. It serves as a basis or a baseline for patient’s progress if being treated in the hospital. Making mistakes in transcribing means your jeopardizing the patient’s health and it may lead to any serious situation or even death.

As a medical transcriptionist, our primary goal is to ensure the patients well being and in order for us to achieve that goal we should first make 99% accuracy in our transcriptions. We should follow the standard format for transcribing medical records and we must also update our knowledge and practices in transcribing any type of medical records. We are not just handling and transcribing medical record s then submit all these to our client doctors, we should also care about the patients health and think of them not just a person but a holistic individual trying to survive with their sickness. In order for us to achieve the 99% accuracy we should first be familiar with all the medical terms and abbreviation then with the standard format for transcribing. Also by using software our work can be much easier. A transcriber should have a very good listening and comprehension skills. If you can type 60-70wpm then that’s much better but typing to fast can lead you to make some errors, so be very careful when typing too fast.

As long as we care too much for our client we can avoid errors when transcribing. If you love what you are doing and you have passion with your work then there will be no problem.