I started working for Advanced MT Data http://www.advancedmtdata.com/ on May 2005 immediately after my OJT in Touch Asia. The company had just recently inaugurated at that time starting operation and I was one of the first few employees given the chance to work with them. I was delighted to be part of the team although it’s quite a tedious job.

I owe a lot of my work experiences with Advanced MT Data, having gained my expertise in dealing with various medical specialties and reports starting with operative reports of gastroenterology and clinic visits of endocrinology among many others. I still can remember the cardiology files containing clinical and laboratory trials presented by physicians on conferences. Not to mention the general transcription that we work with, although at first, we are quite hesitant transcribing what we termed as business transcription, still it was worth an experience and added knowledge.

I will talk more and more about my employment with Advanced MT Data on my next blogs. Anyway, I am still doing transcription with them on a home-based basis.