isohunt toMost of us must have been downloading movies, music and other media for free via torrent. But of course, we should be aware of copyrights law that we may incur. There is a wide debate in this matter though.

Copyright infringement paved the way towards IsoHunt BitTorrent unto shutdown last October 21, 2013, after more than a decade with the Internet.  This case will serve a lesson and a warning to future investors in any line of business.

Despite the illegality filed against IsoHunt founder, Gary Fung, the owner insisted that the business was primarily intended as a file sharing icon utilizing  BitTorrent downloading system. The decision then resulted to its closure with Fung to pay damages amounting to $116 to MPAA, together with 3 others of other sites that redirect to IsoHunt domain, Podtropolis, Torrent Box, and

The court decision was a serious setback to MPAA, RIAA and other copyright enforcers when at last it was resurrected by an ‘Archive Team’ ‘Lysobit’.  Although this could have been contested, the  restoration of IsoHunt to the Internet was legal. There was no provision in the court decision of permanent closure.

IsoHunt is considered a warehouse where data are stored.  BitTorrent takes charge of free downloading in a fast and easiest way for the users. In this manner, however, the website should have set restrictions – releasing data which are proper for a downloading user and not freely give out what would trespass the right of a copyright owner.  This resulted to the crime.

isohuntThe acquittal of Fung led IsoHunt back to the Internet.  The ‘Archive Team’ idea of  resurrection was to restore also the torrents for the benefit of the users with a familiar interface. Gary Fung now must be aware of decency and legality of operation. Website IsoHunt uses BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing system to provide the public with easy and excellent downloadable data during its decade of operation.  Thus, it deserves to be maintained.

This app disclosed that there are lots of economic potentials in the Internet, as a platform of legitimate commerce and innovations.  Those who desire to engage in similar or any other businesses must keep in mind that one’s copyright is never the property of others.  Going against this is a crime of Copyright Infringement. Computer technology nowadays is such an advanced mode that these things happen.

IsoHunt as a website with millions of torrents is still fortunate to be revived.   The ‘Archive Team’ was its way back.

The relaunch of IsoHunt – now as with the Internet was at last done.  Copyright Infringement led Gary Fung, the owner/founder to pay $116 million fine and shutdown, with three of its domain. It was however relaunched when ‘Archive Team’ resurrected it into a .to domain.