article submission sitesIf you’re posting your articles to article submission sites, think a little more if this activity is still giving benefits to your blog. Some SEO experts say that submitting articles to websites is a viable technique of link building. In a manner that you will get a one-way link to your own blog, they say that article submission sites will help you build good page rank and traffic. Others like expert bloggers may say that the benefits of getting a traffic from this article submission sites are very low.

There are some arguments that can be searched via the Internet by SEO experts and expert bloggers about submitting articles to these sites. You can weigh in which one to believe based on your experience and judgement. Also, any discussion from various forum sites can be fact or hearsay; it’s for you to find out the truth.

Posting Your Article With Link to Your Blog

The idea of posting an article (with link to your blog) in article submission sites may or may not improve your blog’s SEO, PageRank (PR), or traffic. Links can be do-follow but the article submission site is less authoritative after Panda update. Some says it’s just okay as long as you have backlinks. If this article submission site has high domain authority and PageRank, then guest posting on these sites with high PR helps increase your own blog PR too.

When you submit a piece of writing to article submission sites, your article may also be reposted by a number of publishers online (other blogs or article directories) since your article is free for republishing But it’s up to you now to check if they will give credit to you as the owner of the article. It may increase your backlinks but not quality backlinks at all.

Article submission sites and blogs that only republish contents from other sources can be a not UNIQUE site. Some of these sites are only operated by robots and are not compliant with search engine sites policies in some sort. So there is a risk that you will only earn poor backlinks.

What Else Can be Done?

The problem with these article submission sites is that they often allow low quality articles be published. These sites will suffer heavily by Penguin update and consistently by Panda update. SEO experts opt not to rely on these sites anymore because they could not waste a 500 to 700 words article no more.

Some experts may also recommend you try guest posting with high authority/unique sites that are relevant to your niche rather than article directory submission. Remember that for Google, it is better to have 10 quality backlinks rather than 1000 poor backlinks. This is the backbone of the Panda.

With these opinions from various bloggers and SEO experts on the Web, you can make your own judgement whether not to continue to post on article submission sites.