WordPress 3.8.1 updateIf you use WordPress for your sites or blogs, you may be delighted that the WordPress update is now automatic.  Sometimes, it can be tiring pressing the update button very often – as WordPress release numerous versions every now and then.

WordPress installations proudly sent inspiring e-mails to all WordPress administrators worldwide that “WordPress Installations are automatically updated to WordPress 3.8.1.  It now provides users with bug fixes and stability updates, the last being last December 2013, the 3.8 platform.  Like 3.7, 3.8 were manually manipulated, while the 3.8.1 update is entirely automatic.  It is an incremental one as to security and bug fix hence, qualified for the automatic update treatment.

WordPress provides integration with Twitter by way of Twitter APl.  Since last week Twitter did not enforce Security Sockets Layer (SSL) as a mandatory requirement for all conditions to its APl and so this change was embraced by WordPress.

WordPress 3.8 focused on clean navigation, however there is an encountered difficulty in regression for using keyboard rather than the mouse.  On the other hand, WordPress 3.8.1 provides a fix that makes it keyboard friendly.

Created by Matt Mellenweg with Mike Little WordPress was first released on May 23, 2003, as an open source blogging tool and contact management system running hosting service.

It features: themes – which users may install in-between; plugins architecture with customization range from Search Engine Optimization; multi-use or multi-blogs; mobiles – adding new blogs post and pages, commenting, moderating comments, and integrated link management, etc.

WordPress has these latest awards:

2007 – won  a Packt Open Source CMS

2009 –  Best Packt open source CMS

2010 – Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards

2011 –  Open Source Web App at the award at the Web Award at the Critters

In 2007 vulnerabilities were reported to be exploited due to outdate and unsupported versions of software.  According to Stephen Esser, founder of PHP Security Response Team, critically, WordPress Architecture has not secured it from SQL injection vulnerabilities.

This enhanced further the effort to develop WordPress and in June 2013, they discovered that of 10 e-commerce plugins, 7 showed vulnerability but can be protected by keeping pace with WordPress installations, themes, plugins updates.

And so, it launched and released WordPress 3.8.l with the most rewarding greetings to WordPress administrators that it has been automatically updated.