Linux logoFor a new entrant in IT (information technology) industry operating Linux might seem a daunting task due to its complexity. Interestingly these complexities are the actual reasons for making Linux interesting to users. The secret in using Linux is that these complexities could be broken down into smaller and simpler parts.

It would be interesting to know how a basic thing could be done on a Linux server such as at ‘act now Domains’. Unless your web host has an abnormal control panel these instructions might be used to do any specified job at every web host offering Linux hosting.

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The versatility of Linux as an OS

Linux is a versatile operating system and even supports 24×7 operations.  Though it might appear complicated at the outset, the fact remains that the capabilities of this OS are actually outstanding. It helps you run data applications, image apps, videos, management tools and provide internet access with equal ease and efficiency. Versatility of Linux emanates from the fact that it has a Command Line Interface which offers a direct and no nonsense approach to its functionalities. With a single command it is possible to add server applications, desktop tools, developer apps, utilities and other applications.

The beauty of Linux lies in its disintegration of a huge program into small and manageable units. Unlike new user interfaces based on graphics, interface of this OS is command based. After using Windows based applications, working on Linux might appear inconvenient in the initial phases. The complete working of this operating system could be changed by following certain steps in sequence. These changes could be brought about at web hosting level. Normal web hosting service providers working on a Linux platform could instruct the server to perform specific tasks. Once a user gets accustomed to the functioning of this OS it becomes easier to work on this platform.

Learning to work on this operating system is easy as it involves carrying out small commands in sequence. You would certainly agree that it is easier to remember small commands and their order of occurrences in carrying out a function, than to access a program by clicking on to graphic icons which could become misleading.

Designing the hardware

The big question that arises here is about the machine that would be running Linux. It is really surprising to note that the hardware requirement for running this OS could even be a 486 DX2 having a clock speed of just 16MHz. However, Linux servers are meant to execute several functions simultaneously and are usually connected to a network even with remote access. A system with minimum 750MHz CPU, 192 MB RAM, and 2GB hard disk drive would be perfect for a Linux server. Here the only concern would be getting these components as per requirement. Technology is changing so briskly that to get a machine as per your specifications might not be possible.

Linux OS could be obtained from several companies, with each one integrating certain free and useful applications. Based on this kernel many companies sell this OS with other add-on applications. There are distributors who offer Linux kernel free of cost. This is in keeping with the company’s initial objective of sending this OS to users free of cost.


Virtualization increases the capability of your single server. Though physically a single unit, virtualization allows it to be used as multiple servers. This is enabled by installing ESX software to your system. While using this software for creating virtual computing devices, Linux is installed as a guest operating system in these virtual entities. It may be noted that ESX is Linux based.

Using Linux

Linux enables you to set up a series of virtual server systems and workstations. You could have LAN servers, Web servers, Web-cam servers, mail servers, database servers, firewalls, and even routers on the same physical machine. The modest hardware requirements coupled with the free availability of the operating system, Linux is here to stay as a versatile workhorse for computing environments.  To know more about top web design companies please visit our site –