To combat homesickness and feeling of boredom here in Saudi Arabia, I started thinking about getting a laptop. Together with my colleague in the hospital – where we are working as medical transcriptionist, we planned of how to get our laptop. I remember us always talking about it while waiting for the bus that will bring us to the hospital. I guess, it took us about a month or so until we finally decide to avail our dream laptop.
We usually argued most often what laptop brand we would want. We tried to get opinions from friends, some say Acer is good, or Dell, or Toshiba, but I think I like HP. Sony and Apple are excluded from the choices because it would be a luxury because of the price. We also thought of having a laptop installment in various stores in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Jeddah.
We figured out what specification that would fit the purpose for a home-based medical transcription. My former boss in Manila agreed to give me outflow voice files, and same with him from his boss in Kerala, India. The main purpose is for use in our planned transcription work during our day off from work at the hospital.
It’s a bit uneasy to determine differences between these brands for a not so knowledgeable in computer hardware and software like me. It’s really a matter of preference at that time, until I finally get my precious laptop last April 2008.