sleep habitsIt is everyone’s dream to be able to sleep on a comfy bed and slumber all throughout the night, especially after a long day of exhausting work. And according to study almost half of American employees are sleep-deprived and only get less than 6-hours of sleep daily. It became natural for people to stay up through the night and drink as much caffeine as they can because they have unfished business to do, movie to watch, or party until the break of dawn. But is this healthy? It doesn’t only give you eye bags that a cucumber cannot fix it also risks you to be an obese.

A person with a shorter amount of sleep is prone to obesity because the Ghrelin, hormone accountable for food craving, escalates due to inadequate sleep. Since you are still awake your body longs for food, and when this happens it naturally means that you need to snooze already. Obesity and sleep are two different factors that are hard to imagine to be linked, but yes these two are closely linked together that there are ways to prevent obesity from happening.

1.  Have a healthy eating diet. This does not mean that you have to starve yourself just to get a relaxing sleep but eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates because they digest faster. Plus, a health professional suggest that a two-hour eating break before bed is important.

2.  Stay away from coffee before going to bed. Caffeine stays in your body for five hours, and if you’re longing for a warm beverage opt for something healthier like an herbal tea or warm milk.

3.  Avoid temptations in every way. Instead of entering a fast food joint and ordering a greasy burger with fries on the side, it’s better to go to the nearest bookstore and purchase a book that you are dying to read. Or, buy an empty journal to keep track of your eating diet and exercise routines.

4.  Do not procrastinate. If you have a lot of things to ponder make sure to finish it during the day to give you more time to relax and sleep.

Sleep is the one thing that a person can do for his or her body that doesn’t require food options and weight lifting. So, why deprive yourself from something that will benefit your body physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. Sleep doesn’t only allow a person to rest and be awaken by another stressful day because it’s better to wake up in the morning knowing you did your part to live another healthy day.