spam posts

I never thought that there is this spam called spam posts where a spammer was able to register and log in to my WordPress blog. Well it was partially my mistake for I was allowing anyone to register on my site – thinking I would get guest posts from authentic authors.

Then one day, I found my draft posts containing thousands of posts from this unknown user. I saw that  these posts were spam – typical with too many links from various sites. I panicked and immediately started deleting them in bulk by clicking the bulk action and moved to trash. But then I got tired because you can only delete 20 posts at a time. I got annoyed with this spammer.

Well, then I tried to search a WordPress plugin thinking that someone might have created this one that can delete bulk posts. And luckily there is one.

bulk delete wordpress plugin

You will find this Bulk Delete Plugin created by Sudar where you can delete posts in bulk and you can select by any means of category, or by tags and by status of the post either drafts, scheduled posts etc. It was an instant relief having seen this plugin. This is very advisable for thousands of spam posts. You just need to install it the usual WordPress plugin way and then activate. Now go to the plugin list and manage the Bulk Delete Plugin.

Because my problem was spam posts in my WordPress blog, I just select All Draft Posts, then click the option Delete Permanently, and I need to select Only delete first 1000 posts because you will have a script timeout if you let just delete all those thousands of spam posts. I made several process because I got more than 5,000 spam posts.

Well, everything is possible in WordPress. Problem solved.

bulk delete