smokeless tobaccoThere is this dominant belief that smokeless tobacco is a better substitute than smoking cigarettes. Health problems associated with  smoking specifically the shortness in breathing are hardly found in people who practice smokeless tobacco, but other sicknesses are certainly related to this type of habit. Some of these ailments comprise mouth and throat cancer to name a few. Teeth discolorations and halitosis are also the results of chewing tobacco, and if you had not tried this habit yet, drop the thought.

Smokeless tobacco is similarly addictive and worse than smoking itself. They encompass the same dangerous  toxins that can destroy body organs and cause other severe health conditions. Those who  chew tobaccos had parallel indications as in smoking when deciding to quit  and breaking away from the habit.

Regardless if one smokes a cigarette or chew a tobacco, they all have the piece of  the perils involved. Smokeless tobacco can even be more dangerous  because it can directly jeopardize the brain and even one’s emotional and psychological behavior. Tobaccos can inject a higher  quantity of nicotine in the blood compared to cigarettes.

Here a some of the possible health conditions associated to smokeless tobacco:

Cancer.  Other forms of cancer can be attained from smokeless tobacco like esophageal cancer and other oral cancers. Medical specialists also had reported injury to pancreas and kidney.

Cavities. Tobacco chewing can be a chief cause of tooth decay due to its greater sugar content. Rough particles from the tobacco can harm the enamel of the teeth, and cause gum irritation. Chewing tobacco for a longer duration of time can make the teeth more inclined to  cavities.

Heart Disease. There had been informed cases of heart disease and a number of strokes linked to smokeless tobacco. There is also that excessive probability of amplified heart rates and the start of high blood pressure.

Therefore, a  smokeless tobacco can never be a better substitute for cigarettes. It does not only pose more threats to the human body, but is far more destructive than a piece of cigarette.