Computer Virus 101: Learning the Effects and How to Prevent Them

The worst fear of a technophobe is acquiring a computer virus. These cleverly designed programs can delete files, infect other electronic devices and sometimes, has the power to entirely shut down the whole personal computer. This leaves any infected gadgets useless. Just imagine all the amount of money spent on buying these electronic devices just to be rendered useless because…

How to Protect Your Computer from Power Issues

Our computers have slowly become our lifelines. We save extremely important data and information in our computers, and we can’t afford to lose any of it. However, the power surges, spikes and saps often end up damaging internal hardware components of our computers and lead to the loss of our data. Power surges have become very common and can be…

Scam Home Based Job Detection

Online jobs are very rampant nowadays. It does not only give you enough time to spend with your family but it does give you opportunities to grow in all aspects of your life. Most of the people who are staying in the house with computer at hand, search for this kind of jobs to earn, learn and find a diversion…

Three Popular Photography Apps in 2012

Because of the continuous advancements in technology, a lot of applications have been available to suit the needs of mobile device users. One particular development in mobile technology is photography. The article discusses various applications developed for photography specialized for use in mobile devices.

Jarir Bookstore – How to Get a Laptop on Installment Basis

Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia is located in major cities like Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar. You can visit them when you want to buy quality laptops. These stores are frequented by locals and expats alike to get the latest models of laptops with various popular brands like Macbook, Sony, HP, and many others.