Get Fit with Zumba

Losing weight by just doing simple exercise seems to be boring. People in the gym want to have fun while losing weight. And there are lots of group activities that can be done such as aerobics, taebo, pilates to name a few. One of the most trending exercises today is Zumba. It started during the 90s founded by a Columbian…

8 Popular Foods for Sexual Health

“You are what you eat” as the Chinese saying goes. Experts agree that what and how much you consume have a great impact on your health and also on your sexual health. Scientific studies prove that what is good for the heart is also good for better sex. Here are some popular foods that are not only better for our…

How to Enjoy Aqua Zumba – Saudi Arabia

Fitness First Platinum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia previously started over the past week this September 2013 its regular sessions of Aqua Zumba. Expatriates and locals alike enjoys the routine as seen in this video. I took the liberty of taking a video although hesitant as taking photos and videos in public places in Saudi Arabia is somehow controlled. I just…

Post Pregnancy Activities to Keep your Sanity

Having a new-born at home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially for the mothers who take full responsibility and care for their little one. When things get a little heightened and uncontrolled, unfortunately, some lose their sanity and suffers tot its long time effects. Try not to worry too much because there are simple ways to avoid getting crazy….

Can you Improve Testosterone Production with Healthy Foods and Exercise?

The defining characteristics of a man can be attributed to the levels of healthy testosterone he has in his system. And because it plays a key role in sexual development and reproduction it is considered as an indispensable hormone. When testosterone is in abundance (just so long as it stays within normal limits) vigor and virility in men are evident….