How to Give Esteemed Blog Review

The social media nowadays is a powerful tool to communicate each other worldwide. While many of us use this as a way to connect with our families and friends from distant places, some use this as a way to help others. Using Linkedin is another way to connect with our friends in the workforce. It’s a professional network that links…

Reasons Why You Won’t Lose Weight Even if You Workout Daily

Health conscious people are so into maintaining a healthy weight and body, which sometimes leads them to commit in a healthy exercise regimen such as a daily workout. But what happens to individuals that do not seem to lose some weight even working out daily. Read on below for a few good reasons to consider.

The Food Techies launched

The Food Techie has launched its linking mechanism by conducting interviews with fellow food bloggers. In this page called The Food Techies, it aims to connect with food enthusiasts. For more information, visit:

The more you give, the more you get back

Energy: The more you give, the more you get back. You’ll see this often in the gym like Fitness First. But let us take this statement further. Guess how or where? Well, in odd topics like transcription, website development and internet jobs. Not anymore in food technology because the reason is obvious. But thinking twice, the statement still would not…

Using Tomatoes for Squid Adobo

A new twist for squid adobo using tomatoes as additional ingredient. We normally use only vinegar to make it sour,but why not use tomatoes for a sweet-style with added nutrition. Check the recipe here >>